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EMCF's View | PropelNext, Evidence and Evaluation | June 19, 2018

PropelNext’s Road to High Performance

An intensive evaluation has found that EMCF’s capacity-building initiative made a "profound and sustained" impact on the policies and practices of nonprofits in its first cohort. 

EMCF's View | Blue Meridian Partners | October 13, 2017

The Link Uniting Donors and Doers for Social Change

The New York Times highlights how the philanthropic collaboration’s large investments empower nonprofit leaders to “dream big” and battle intergenerational poverty.

EMCF's View | Harlem Children's Zone | Woodrow "Woody" McCutchen | June 27, 2017

Listen Before You Leap

How Harlem Children’s Zone built trust in a community before it built a school.

EMCF's View | Evidence and Evaluation, PropelNext | June 2, 2017

PropelNext Program Evaluations

Our Alumni 2015 cohort and California 2018 cohort grantee evaluations are now available.

EMCF's View | Jehan Velji | May 24, 2017

We Must Listen to Those We Seek to Help

Ultimately, better listening will ground us in reality while we try to address the needs of the people we seek to help and build a more just society.

EMCF's View | PropelNext | March 6, 2017

PropelNext Grantee Stories

In these stories, PropelNext grantees share what they and their teams have learned from EMCF’s initiative promoting data-driven practices.

EMCF's View | Blue Meridian Partners | Nancy Roob | February 6, 2017

Blue Meridian’s First Grantees

CEO Nancy Roob provides a one-year update on Blue Meridian Partners and describes how it selected its six initial investments.