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The Bridgespan Group

The Bridgespan Group

EMCF often engages The Bridgespan Group, a leading provider of strategic consulting and capacity-building services in the social sector, to assist grantees with strategies to scale their impact.

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with social sector leaders to help scale impact, build leadership, advance philanthropic effectiveness and accelerate learning. Bridgespan works on issues related to society’s most important challenges and breaking intergenerational cycles of poverty. It focuses on four broad areas: Children, youth and families; Education; Public health; and Global development. Bridgespan’s services include strategy consulting, leadership development, philanthropy advising, and developing and sharing practical insights.

Bridgespan helped the nine initial True North Fund grantees develop scenario-based growth plans and is assisting these and other EMCF grantees in various ways. Bridgespan is also working with Blue Meridian Partners to refine its overall strategy, identify investment opportunities, and develop scaling plans in collaboration with its grantees.

Learn more about The Bridgespan Group at bridgespan.org.