Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners is a new capital aggregation collaboration that plans to invest at least $1 billion in high-performance nonprofits that are poised to have truly national impact for economically disadvantaged children and youth. 

Its unique partnership structure -- centered on shared decision-making authority -- is designed to aggregate capital and expertise more effectively and efficiently than any funder could individually.

Founded by 10 philanthropists and incubated at EMCF, Blue Meridian Partners will adapt and extend the Foundation’s investment strategy to discover and expand programs shown empirically to lift the life prospects of disadvantaged children and youth.

Blue Meridian Partners hopes to propel the most promising evidence-based programs to a scale that maximizes their impact on children and youth directly, by enabling them to strengthen their work and serve greater numbers of youth, as well as indirectly, by helping them increase their influence on the child welfare, educational, judicial, and other systems that affect children’s lives. 

Two General Partners, the Duke Endowment and George Kaiser Family Foundation, have a regional focus and will support the expansion of Blue Meridian Partners’ national grantees within their communities (North Carolina and South Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, respectively). 

Among the areas Blue Meridian Partners will focus on are early childhood, child welfare and foster care, and K-12 education.

Blue Meridian Partners has raised $750 million to date, and invites other philanthropic funders to join as partners or to participate in specific investments.

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