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EMCF's View | Blue Meridian Partners | March 28, 2017

Watch Nancy Roob's TEDx Talk

Nancy Roob, President & CEO of EMCF and CEO of Blue Meridian Partners, shared her vision for a massive change in how philanthropy funds social programs.

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Following | Foster Care, Wendy's Wonderful Kids, Children's Home Society of NC | April 20, 2017

Rising Number of NC Teens Age Out of Foster Care

The Charlotte News & Observer describes how CHSNC is partnering with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids to help older kids find adoptive families.

via www.newsobserver.com

Following | Year Up, Employment | April 13, 2017

America Has to Close the Workforce Skills Gap

Writing in “Bloomberg View,” the president of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas cites Year Up’s community college-based program as the kind of public-private partnership that is essential to growing middle-class jobs.

via www.bloomberg.com

Following | Year Up, Employment | April 10, 2017

Why the U.S. Needs a Thriving Apprenticeship System

Year Up's Jonathan Hasak explains in the Washington Post how work-based education programs can train and "upskill" millions of Americans.

via www.washingtonpost.com

EMCF's View | Harlem Children's Zone | April 3, 2017

Nancy Roob on Geoff Canada and Harlem Children’s Zone

EMCF President and CEO Nancy Roob says in a video interview, “Everything I’ve learned about good grantmaking I’ve learned through the experience of investing in Harlem Children’s Zone.”

EMCF's View | March 27, 2017

Effective Nonprofit Leadership

EMCF President and CEO Nancy Roob says in a video interview the most effective leaders "are serious about performance, looking at data, and challenging themselves to do better and better every year."

EMCF's View | March 20, 2017

Funding That Makes a Difference

EMCF President and CEO Nancy Roob describes in a video interview "the critical difference that unrestricted, large amounts of growth capital can make in a nonprofit organization."

Following | Education, Talent Development Secondary, Evidence and Evaluation | March 14, 2017

How Boosting Education Research Could Revolutionize US Schooling

Diplomas Now co-founder Robert Balfanz argues in the Stanford Social Innovation Review that investing in evidence building is essential to education reform.

via ssir.org

EMCF's View | Blue Meridian Partners | March 13, 2017

What It Takes to Scale

EMCF President and CEO Nancy Roob describes in a video interview the challenge and importance of “access to unrestricted capital.”

EMCF's View | March 6, 2017

PropelNext Grantee Stories

In these stories, PropelNext grantees share what they and their teams have learned from EMCF’s initiative promoting data-driven practices.