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EMCF's View | Blue Meridian Partners | October 13, 2017

The Link Uniting Donors and Doers for Social Change

The New York Times highlights how the philanthropic collaboration’s large investments empower nonprofit leaders to “dream big” and battle intergenerational poverty.

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Following | Nurse-Family Partnership | May 3, 2018

Nurses’ Care of Young Mothers Leaves Traces in Babies’ DNA

A scientific study reveals that 30 years later, the offspring of mothers visited by NFP-trained nurses show subtle but enduring genetic differences from a control group that did not receive such visits.

via publications.mcgill.ca
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Video | Communities In Schools | April 16, 2018

Community Matters

“She’s going to college!” A CIS site coordinator inspires a struggling teen to become a "self-motivator" by letting her know she’s not alone.

Video | Upstream USA | February 12, 2018

Kori’s Birth Control Story

“I want to be a mom on my own time.” A pastor’s daughter in Delaware describes how access to effective birth control makes her “feel so empowered as a woman.”

Video | Youth Guidance (B.A.M.) | January 5, 2018

Meet Mr. Solomon from BAM

An Uber video interviews a Becoming a Man counselor and promotes the company’s partnership with Youth Guidance’s program in Chicago.

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