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Nancy Roob: Friend of the Children

Harlem Children’s Zone honors the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation’s President and CEO for her impact on philanthropy and America’s youth.

Saving a Generation of Young People

Nancy Roob, President of EMCF, discusses the impact large-scale investments in proven solutions can have on the lives of disadvantaged young people.

The Challenge We Face

Nancy Roob, President and CEO of EMCF, discusses the profound impact philanthropic partnerships can have on the lives of disadvantaged youth in the United States

Imagining What's Possible

Our grantees' achievements constantly renew our sense of what's possible, and have the potential to make an even greater impact if given the resources to grow to scale.


Propel Next helps nonprofits transform their passion for helping disadvantaged youth into data-driven insights and practices that enable them to deliver even more powerful results. In 2012 EMCF launched Propel Next to assist promising nonprofits in strengthening their capacity to use...

Youth Development Fund

The Youth Development Fund has been EMCF's core program since 2000, concentrating on helping high-performing youth-serving nonprofits achieve greater impact. The Youth Development Fund helps grantees build the infrastructure and evidence they need to expand and help economically...

PACE Center for Girls - Plans for Growth

Plans for Growth PACE Center for Girls plans to double the number of girls it serves by 2022, when it projects serving 2,555 young women annually in its core day program and 2,450 girls in the Reach program. By 2022, PACE will open three new centers, including its first center outside...

Talent Development Secondary - Plans for Growth

Plans for Growth   In 2018, Talent Development Secondary will move its program operations out of John Hopkins University. During this transition, it will focus on serving its existing school partner sites. 

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The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation champions economically disadvantaged youth. We partner with other investors to expand programs with compelling evidence in order to help more vulnerable young people become successful adults. EMCF pursues three primary initiatives to...

The Challenge

America faces a crisis. We are in danger of losing our next generation of young people and their contributions to society as increasing numbers of low-income youth fall behind in school or drop out, cannot find a job, enter the foster care or juvenile justice system, or are otherwise at risk...


Compared to past generations and other nations today, the U.S. is doing a poor job of educating its youth, especially those living in poverty, to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Taxpayers as well as the unemployed and low-paid workers bear the cost of this neglect, which imperils our economic...

Justice and Crime

America leads the world in incarcerating young people, and offers them so few opportunities upon release that they are more likely to offend again than to rebuild their lives. By the Numbers Click to see more information about this figure ...

Foster Care

Foster care is a last but essential resort to ensure a child's well-being. It takes its toll on kids, however, and leaves many who age out of the system unprepared for adulthood.  By the Numbers Click to see more information about this figure ...

Teen Pregnancy

America has by far the highest teenage birth rate among the most developed nations, perpetuating a generational cycle of poverty for many young low-income mothers and their children.  By the Numbers Click to see more information about this figure...

Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Meridian Partners is still in its early stages. We will update this page regularly to answer questions as the initiative evolves. WHY WAS BLUE MERIDIAN PARTNERS FORMED? We created Blue Meridian to address several unmet needs. Twenty-one percent of American children live in...

Information for Grantseekers

Blue Meridian Partners seeks nonprofits whose programs can be scaled nationally to make major, measurable progress toward overcoming the obstacles to vulnerable kids' becoming successful adults. With the capital commitments we have so far and our goal of raising at least $1 billion, we...

Our Partners

Blue Meridian’s partnership is organized to aggregate capital and expertise more effectively and efficiently than any funder could individually. Our collaboration allows donors to participate in different ways, based on their interests and funding commitments. Eight General Partners...

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