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Social Innovation Fund

The Social Innovation Fund was a federal initiative that enlisted private intermediaries to help expand evidence-based programs promoting economic opportunity, healthy lives, and youth development. As the fund's largest intermediary, EMCF helped 12 grantees reach an estimated 110,000...

Meet Mr. Solomon from BAM

An Uber video interviews a Becoming a Man counselor and promotes the company’s partnership with Youth Guidance’s program in Chicago.

Senior Communications Associate – Blue Meridian Partners

Position Profile The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation (EMCF) is seeking applications and nominations to fill the position of Senior Communications Associate, Blue Meridian Partners. Reporting to the Chief Brand Officer, the Senior Communications Associate contributes to building the Blue...

Information for Grantseekers

Blue Meridian Partners seeks nonprofits whose programs can be scaled nationally to make major, measurable progress toward overcoming the obstacles to vulnerable kids' becoming successful adults. With the capital commitments we have so far and our goal of raising at least $1 billion, we...

For Grantseekers

EMCF helps nonprofits making a real difference in the lives of economically disadvantaged young people in the U.S. realize their potential to make an even bigger difference. On December 13, 2016, EMCF announced plans to spend all of its resources over the next decade to expand and sustain...

Kori’s Birth Control Story

“I want to be a mom on my own time.” A pastor’s daughter in Delaware describes how access to effective birth control makes her “feel so empowered as a woman.”


EMCF invests in nonprofits that lift the life prospects of vulnerable youth who are the hardest to reach, with the greatest obstacles to overcome on their way to productive adulthood.  We make these investments in pursuit of three distinct but related investment strategies, through EMCF’s...

Past Grantees

Since 2001, EMCF has invested in more than 40 organizations in our Youth Development Fund. The following organizations received support from EMCF to develop comprehensive  business plans , as well as long-term  investments  to implement their growth plans. Learn more about...

Current Grantees

The grantees of EMCF and Blue Meridian Partners have a transformative impact on the lives of economically disadvantaged children and youth. {"39":["175","181","184","186","187","188","190","191"],"43":["177","179","186","191","192"],"40":["177"],"44":["178","179","1...

News & Perspectives

News & Perspectives Watch Nancy Roob's TEDx Talk Nancy Roob, President & CEO of EMCF and CEO of Blue Meridian Partners, shares her vision for a massive change in how philanthropy funds social...

Annual Reports

Committed to transparency, EMCF reports regularly on the performance of the Foundation and its grantees, and on its financial stewardship. Our annual financial statements are posted below. Until 2015 we also posted annual reports, which may be retrieved below as well. Since then we have...

Community Matters

“She’s going to college!” A CIS site coordinator inspires a struggling teen to become a "self-motivator" by letting her know she’s not alone.

Digital Communications Associate

Position Profile Reporting to the Associate Director of Communications (EMCF), while also taking direction from and working closely with the Chief Corporate Communications Officer and Chief Brand Officer, the Digital Communications Associate will support the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation...


The 40 staff members of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, Blue Meridian Partners and Propel Next are led by Nancy Roob. Office of the President Nancy Roob , President & CEO, EMCF; CEO, Blue Meridian Partners Mary Hall , Senior Executive Assistant to the...


The Foundation relies heavily on its Evaluation Advisory Committee for advice about building an evidence base, recommendations and referrals. Formed in 2001, this panel of nationally respected independent experts convenes semi-annually to review the evidence and evaluations of...

Board of Trustees

A board of eight trustees governs and guides the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation: Nancy Roob , President H. Lawrence Clark,  Chair James McConnell Clark, Jr. W. Don Cornwell Alice F. Emerson Kevin W. Kennedy Laura Samberg Joyce L. Shields

Employment Opportunities

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation currently has one open position. Senior Communications Associate, Blue Meridian Partners 


The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation champions economically disadvantaged youth. We partner with other investors to expand programs with compelling evidence in order to help more vulnerable young people become successful adults. EMCF pursues three primary initiatives to...

PropelNext’s Road to High Performance

An intensive evaluation has found that EMCF’s capacity-building initiative made a "profound and sustained" impact on the policies and practices of nonprofits in its first cohort. 



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