Our Partners

Our Partners

Blue Meridian’s unique partnership structure―centered on shared decision-making authority―is designed to aggregate capital and expertise more effectively and efficiently than any funder could individually.

Its organization is a work in progress as the Partners strive to create a new model for collaborative philanthropy and coordinated funding that allows donors to participate in different ways, based on their interests and overall commitment to the partnership.

Eight General Partners have committed at least $50 million over five years, and each casts one vote on the Blue Meridian Partners board:

Nancy Roob of the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation serves as Blue Meridian’s CEO, while Stanley Druckenmiller chairs its board.

The Power of Collaboration

CEO Nancy Roob describes what unites Blue Meridian Partners: "a shared sense that we cannot go it alone in our philanthropy."

Four Limited Partners intend to commit at least $10 million. Although they do not have a vote, Limited Partners are deeply engaged in the initiative’s activities.

General and Limited Partners work together to review and discuss opportunities to invest, monitor and assess grantees’ performance, and share in the costs of the initiative.

Blue Meridian Partners welcomes additional co-investors to join it as General or Limited Partners, or to participate in specific investments.
For more information contact bluemeridianpartners@emcf.org or 212-551-9100

The two regional General Partners (the Duke Endowment and the George Kaiser Family Foundation) are supporting the full expansion of Blue Meridian Partners’ national grantees within their communities (North Carolina and South Carolina, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, respectively). They believe these national, evidence-based programs can serve as centerpieces for broader regional strategies that provide a more comprehensive, integrated set of programs for children and youth.

For more about Blue Meridian Partners' governance, see the FAQ.