Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners is a partnership of philanthropists seeking to transform the life prospects of America’s children and youth living in poverty by scaling the most promising solutions.

The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation incubated Blue Meridian Partners and is a General Partner. Launched in 2016, Blue Meridian builds on the Foundation's long experience making performance-based investments and its leadership in aggregating growth capital. Blue Meridian also shares infrastructure and back-office support with EMCF. 

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Blue Meridian takes a rigorous, strategic approach to philanthropy. Its large, unrestricted grants provide visionary social sector leaders the upfront growth capital they require to scale their programs and achieve national impact, while providing philanthropists a way to pool resources and invest more effectively and efficiently than any one of them could individually, sharing the costs, risks and rewards of their collaboration.

Blue Meridian has successfully completed its start-up period, including building an initial portfolio of grantees and pooling over $1 billion from 12 Partners. 

It is now embarking on its next phase of growth and welcomes new Partners to join in meeting scale with scale to help solve problems confronting children and youth living in poverty in America by meeting scale with scale.

Blue Meridian - The Big Picture

CEO Nancy Roob describes the Partners' vision: "to really move the needle on social problems in this country."


First, although EMCF’s approach to identifying, investing in and holding nonprofits accountable for performance is the “engine” driving Blue Meridian Partners’ investments, this initiative is exploring opportunities to invest in programs serving a broader age range of youth, from birth to age 30. The areas in which these programs are working are also broader and include early childhood development and learning, K-12 education, and the child welfare and juvenile/criminal justice systems.

Second, the size of the commitments made by Blue Meridian Partners will make possible investments that are significantly larger and longer than EMCF’s have been -- totaling up to $200 million (over 5 to 10 years) for each grantee.

Finally, in contrast to EMCF’s previous ventures in capital aggregation, General Partners share in Blue Meridian Partners’ decision-making and sit on its board, which is chaired by Stanley Druckenmiller.