Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners is a new capital aggregation collaboration that plans to invest at least $1 billion in nonprofits poised to make a national impact on economically disadvantaged children and youth.

Comprising 12 philanthropic institutions and individuals and incubated at EMCF, Blue Meridian Partners is adapting and extending the Foundation’s investment strategy. Its goal is to discover the most promising evidence-based programs and propel them to a scale that maximizes their impact directly, serving greater numbers of youth, from birth to age 30, and indirectly, increasing their influence on the child welfare, educational, judicial, and other systems that affect young people’s lives.

The impetus behind Blue Meridian Partners is the urgency of the continuing crisis threatening America’s children and youth, and the results we have seen when the highest-performing nonprofits and their dynamic leaders are supercharged with large amounts of growth capital.

Blue Meridian Partners Chair Stanley Druckenmiller and CEO Nancy Roob discuss the initiative's goals and challenges.

Blue Meridian investments will be “big bets”: flexible, unrestricted, long-term (5-10 years), tied to performance, and totaling up to $200 million for each grantee.

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What's in a name?

Blue Meridian Partners hopes to establish a new “meridian”―a point of reference―for what strategic philanthropic investment can achieve by supporting programs that benefit children and youth on a large scale. “Blue” connotes the optimism Partners feel about working collaboratively to open up new possibilities for vulnerable young people.

Blue Meridian Partners has raised $850 million to date and welcomes other investors to join as Partners or participate in specific investments.

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