Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners

Blue Meridian Partners is a partnership of impact-driven philanthropists seeking to change the odds for America’s children and youth living in poverty.

Through large investments (up to $200 million) in the most promising interventions, Blue Meridian provides social-sector leaders the upfront capital they require to fully scale their programs and help solve big problems confronting children and youth.

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Comprising 12 philanthropic institutions and individuals, and incubated at EMCF, Blue Meridian Partners is pooling resources and investing $1 billion and more in exceptional strategies poised to make a national impact.

Blue Meridian offers philanthropists an alternative approach for deploying their capital efficiently and maximizing results by sharing the cost, risk and reward with others.

Blue Meridian - The Big Picture

CEO Nancy Roob describes the Partners' vision: "to really move the needle on social problems in this country."

Blue Meridian investments are “big bets”: flexible, unrestricted, long-term (5-10 years), with payout tied to performance.

The impetus behind Blue Meridian Partners is the urgency of the continuing crisis threatening America’s children and youth, and the results we have seen when the highest-performing nonprofits and their dynamic leaders are supercharged with large amounts of growth capital.

Blue Meridian has raised $850 million to date and welcomes other investors to join as Partners or participate in specific investments.

For more information contact or 212-551-9100.