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Harlem Children's Zone

Harlem Children's Zone

Plans for Growth

Harlem Children’s Zone’s 2015-2017 $200 million "Bridge to a Self-Sustaining Community" plan includes helping college students graduate, expanding its Promise Academy Charter Schools, and building the organization’s endowment.

Specifically, the plan calls for:

  • Improving programming and expanding financial support to help college students persist to graduation, minimize student debt, and prepare for careers;
  • Expanding both Promise Academy Charter Schools to full K-12 enrollment;
  • Strengthening core operations by cultivating a new cadre of high-performing leaders;
  • Leveraging HCZ’s presence in the St. Nicholas housing development by supporting other community revitalization efforts; and
  • Increasing its endowment to reduce HCZ’s reliance on public and private fundraising and ensure long-term financial viability and stability.