Investment Approach

Investment Approach

EMCF invests more than money in strengthening promising programs and extending their benefits to more youth. Our commitment includes thorough research, intensive planning, and expert advice.

EMCF's performance-based investment approach incorporates six major components:

Due Diligence

We rigorously examine whether a prospective grantee and the vulnerable youth it serves could profit from our investment.


We invest largely on the basis of empirical evidence, which enables a nonprofit to learn how well a program is working and how to make it work better.

Business Planning

EMCF helps grantees develop sound plans to achieve their growth, evaluation and quality goals.

Growth Capital

EMCF commited upfront flexible capital that a nonprofit can depend on to execute its plan.

Tracking Performance

All our investments make payout contingent on a grantee’s progress toward milestones. This progress is tracked by mutually agreed-upon performance measures that reflect goals set during business planning. 

Strategic Counsel

We augment our financial resources with the expert advice of an experienced and highly engaged portfolio manager who can also provide access to technical assistance and other support.