About Us

About Us

For five decades, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation sought to help people and communities in need.

In October 2018, EMCF announced it was entering the final stage of its limited-life strategy to invest all its assets within the next decade to leave a lasting impact on the lives of children and families living in poverty in the U.S.

The Foundation's staff and operations have since transitioned to Blue Meridian Partners, the collaborative philanthropic investment vehicle that EMCF incubated and in which it is a national General Partner. This independent organization is helping EMCF fulfill its commitments and perform necessary staff functions so the Foundation can complete its strategy efficiently and responsibly.

EMCF continues to exist as a private foundation with a small board overseeing the management and distribution of the Foundation's remaining assets as it pays out its final grants and finishes its work.

Blue Meridian Partners staff is also assisting EMCF’s efforts to document and share the most important insights it has gained from developing and implementing its investing approach.


EMCF is completing its work in three areas

For half a century, EMCF endeavored to live up to and put into action the values that inspired the Clark family to found it:

Humility – The work we do is first and foremost about our grantees —strengthening them to better accomplish what they do. We admit when we make mistakes, or when our efforts fail. We expect the same from those with whom we work. We do not seek to make a name for ourselves in philanthropy; there is no room for ego in our work.

Belief in People – We invest in people because we believe in them and in their vision. We also believe our grantees know best what they need to do to meet their goals. Our effectiveness as a grantmaker rests on their informed judgment and ability to execute. We also believe in each other—as staff and board members.

Pragmatism – We accept the limitations of what we can achieve, given the extent of our resources. We strive to set realistic goals—for both our grantees and ourselves. We are prepared to shift course when necessary to ensure the effectiveness of our grantmaking.

Trust – We trust our grantees and ourselves to carry out the work they and we do and to use the Foundation’s resources with integrity, honesty, and with a focus on results. We do what we can to support our grantees and each other. We challenge, but we do not second-guess.

High Standards – We hold ourselves and our grantees to the highest possible standards, and strive for excellence in everything we do.