Our Strategies

Our Strategies

EMCF makes large, long-term investments that help high-performing nonprofits lift the life prospects of more children and youth living in poverty. 

Our performance-based investing approach, developed and refined over nearly two decades, provides organizations the capital and support necessary to achieve their growth ambitions, and at the same time holds them accountable for performance and results.

EMCF pursues this approach through two strategies:

Incubated at EMCF and launched in 2016, Blue Meridian Partners is a partnership of results-oriented philanthropists seeking to transform the life trajectories of America’s children and youth, from birth to age 30, living in poverty. Its model helps unlock unprecedented resources for social sector leaders and organizations, so they can scale our nation’s most promising strategies to solve problems trapping youth and families in poverty and limiting economic mobility. 

In October 2018, Blue Meridian Partners announced its plans to become an independent enterprise and embark on a new phase of growth, expanding its capital base and its portfolio of grantees capable of delivering results at national scale.

EMCF invests independently through its Youth Development Fund, established in 2000, which helps high-performing organizations build the infrastructure and evidence they need to expand and help economically disadvantaged youth, ages 9–24, get an education, find a good job, and avoid setbacks such as teen parenthood or criminal behavior on the path to successful adulthood.

In October 2018, EMCF’s president and board chairman announced that the Foundation’s staff and operations will transition in 2019 to Blue Meridian Partners, Inc., the collaborative philanthropic investment vehicle that EMCF helped found and incubated. This new organization will be responsible for helping EMCF fulfill its commitments and complete its work over the next three to four years as the Foundation winds down its activities.

Capital Aggregation

EMCF has pioneered a new kind of collaborative, coordinated investment that fuels the growth of evidence-based programs with flexible, upfront capital. LEARN MORE

Drawing on our grantmaking experience, EMCF also supports nonprofits through a third strategy that helps them use data to improve performance and amplify their impact:

This initiative, founded in 2012, helps promising nonprofits transform their passion for serving disadvantaged youth into data-driven insights and practices that foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement and lay the foundation for future growth. Currently EMCF and four foundations in the PropelNext California Partnership are working with 12 grantees in the San Francisco Bay Area to boost their impact on vulnerable young people.