Good Shepherd Services

Good Shepherd Services

Good Shepherd Services goes where New York City's youth and families face the greatest challenges and provides resources that build on their inherent strengths to help them thrive.

Through its network of innovative programs, the agency enables young people to build skills and grow and deepen connections at home, in schools, and in the community. Its mix of programs includes in-school supports and afterschool programming to promote academic attainment; case management and supervision of court-involved youth to prevent recidivism; counseling and support to help families thrive; foster care and adoption services; and transitional living for young people leaving foster care and juvenile justice programs.

In partnership with the New York City Department of Education (DOE), Good Shepherd Services created and replicated its highly regarded transfer high school model for older youth, ages 16–21, who have fallen off track in traditional schools. It also collaborates with the DOE to start and expand other programs that offer young people multiple pathways to graduation.

Good Shepherd Services, which community leaders and local policymakers consider a "go-to" agency in New York City, serves over 30,000 youth and families annually.


EMCF invested $13.35 million in Good Shepherd Services from 2005 to 2015. This investment helped it strengthen operational capacity, improve finances, and significantly expand the number of youth and families it serves. The investment also supported work to sharpen the impact of the agency's work, including refinement of its theory of change and the development of an organization-wide culture of data-informed decision-making and evidence-based practice.

A case study documents the impact of the Foundation's investment on Good Shepherd Services: Building Toward Greater Impact.


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