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The investment approach EMCF has developed over a decade and a half has benefited tens of thousands of young people and dozens of nonprofits that help them.

More youth served

In 2015, 21 EMCF grantees reached more than 192,000 young people in 49 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Since 2000, when the Foundation formally adopted a policy of investing exclusively in organizations that serve economically disadvantaged youth, we have invested $407 million and provided additional supports to help 32 nonprofits lift the life prospects of approximately 98,000 additional youth.

Stronger organizations

A robust balance sheet enables a nonprofit to serve more youth more reliably. EMCF grantees reported more than $936 million in revenues in 2015—an increase of 19 percent over the previous fiscal year.

A report by researchers Bill Ryan and Barbara Taylor, EMCF's Youth Development Fund: Results and Lessons from the First 10 Years, chronicles the achievements of Youth Development Fund grantees and the evolution of the Foundation’s grantmaking approach. In an accompanying essay, Reflecting on our Grantees' Experience, EMCF President Nancy Roob reviews a decade’s progress—and challenges.

Greater evidence of impact

Our grantees have progressed toward ever more rigorous evaluation of their programs’ impact. Seven of EMCF’s 11 current Youth Development Fund grantees have proven the effectiveness of one or more of their programs by meeting the most rigorous empirical standard, and all of them have completed or are currently undertaking evaluations.

More growth capital

Since 2007, the coordinated, collaborative investments we call growth capital aggregation have leveraged $155 million of EMCF’s own resources to help 16 grantees secure nearly $487 million in additional private and public funding.

Our commitment in 2016 of $200 million to launch Blue Meridian Partners has encouraged 11 other individual and institutional co-investors to commit, to date, an additional $650 million to Blue Meridian, which plans to invest at least $1 billion in propelling effective programs for children and youth to national scale and impact.