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Youth Villages

Youth Villages

Plans for Growth

Youth Villages is implementing the first phase of its 2016-2026 plan to scale YVLifeSet, its program that helps youth aging out of foster care and other forms of state custody transition successfully to living independently.

During the first four years of its plan, Youth Villages will test various approaches to scaling YVLifeSet while expanding its continuum of services for troubled youth and their families in states where it is currently active and in new ones. Youth Villages will continue to innovate, evaluate and refine the YVLifeSet model, and also strive to influence federal and state child welfare policies and practices.

The work undertaken during this first phase of its Scaling Plan is designed to position Youth Villages to achieve its ultimate goal of making YVLifeSet or transitional services of comparable quality available to nearly all the 23,000 youth in the U.S. who currently age out of foster care each year