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Upstream USA

Upstream USA

Plans for Growth

Upstream USA’s Scaling Plan is structured in several potentially overlapping “chapters” that focus on sets of states.

The first chapter is already underway (2017-2024). Its main goal is to reduce unplanned pregnancy by bringing Upstream to full scale in five states and serve close to 1.6 million women, including one million women at highest risk of unplanned pregnancy. This chapter includes four strategic initiatives:

  1. Complete delivery of Upstream’s intervention in four states and one region, reaching 1.6 million women, including one million at highest risk of unplanned pregnancy, by 2024.
  2. Enhance Upstream’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning systems to refine the effectiveness of the intervention and improve cost efficiency.
  3. Build relationships and influence to ensure sustainability in Chapter 1 states while maintaining a pipeline of future states.
  4. Build organizational capacity to operate as an independent 501(c)(3) with the administrative, programmatic and strategic capacity to support growth with quality.

High-priority activities and goals for later chapters of the plan include:

  1. Expanding to new sets of states that represent a cumulative population of eight to 13 million highest-risk women and approximately 30-50 percent of national need.
  2. Using advocacy and influence to accelerate impact through state initiatives, and exploring opportunities to complement direct service with indirect impact strategies.
  3. Continuing to test and adapt model innovations and further strengthening the evidence base.
  4. Continuing to build and refine Upstream’s organizational capacity.