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Children's Institute, Inc.

Children's Institute, Inc.

Children's Institute, Inc.'s Integrated Service Model provides coordinated, evidence-based prevention, intervention and treatment services to children and families. Its evidence-based programs include multi-dimensional treatment foster care, functional family therapy, and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy, which clinical trials have shown to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and criminal and delinquent behavior, and to improve school attendance and effective parenting. 

In 2016, MDRC released a study that included assessments of the fidelity with which CII delivered functional family therapy and trauma-focused behavioral therapy, and of the implementation of CII’s Integrated Service Model.

The study found that CII delivers evidence-based services to roughly a third of its clients, nearly all of whom receive other services. CII’s fidelity to the treatment models of functional family therapy and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy was in line with that of other community-based organizations in similar fidelity studies, and the study suggested that CII’s therapist self-report tool, a brief checklist of practices, holds promise as an inexpensive way to monitor fidelity when observational methods are too costly.

Within EMCF’s framework for assessing an organization’s evidence of effectiveness, CII’s evidence-based therapeutic programs meet the standard of “proven effectiveness.”  



CII is participating in MDRC’s Building Bridges and Bonds study of fatherhood programs, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. One goal of this randomized controlled trial is to build evidence about CII’s new program to promote fathers’ parenting and conflict-management skills, and  reduce co-parenting conflict for both parents.