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Kelly Fitzsimmons

Kelly Fitzsimmons became EMCF’s Director of Innovation and Policy Planning in 2016.

Fitzsimmons researches and develops ways to help EMCF and Blue Meridian Partners grantees, and other nonprofits, philanthropy and government accelerate and take advantage of the trend toward evidence-based policymaking and funding.

In her previous role as Vice President, Chief Program and Strategy Officer, she led the strategic planning and management of the Foundation’s grantmaking program, and oversaw EMCF’s evaluation activities. Fitzsimmons served as project manager and successfully launched the Foundation’s Growth Capital Aggregation Pilot.
Before joining the Foundation in 2007, Fitzsimmons co-founded Zanana Studios, which provides enrichment services to women; LeadWell Partners, a boutique coaching and consulting firm for leaders, boards and management teams challenged by growth and change; and New Profit Inc., a nationally recognized venture philanthropy fund. She has also held management positions in social change organizations and the entertainment industry.

Numerous case studies, books and articles have cited Fitzsimmons for her work in adapting business tools and practices to the nonprofit sector and for her contributions to evolving philanthropic practices. She serves on the boards of several nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Fitzsimmons holds an MBA from Boston University.